Party toads


The Western Toad certainly knows how to throw an orgy. There were many dozen of them in the shallows mating promiscuously cheek by jowl.

The mating technique of these toads is called amplexus. Amplexus (Latin for embrace) is a type of external fertilization in which a male grasps a female with his front legs and fertilizes the eggs as they are released from her body.

Three couples couple. Each male has grasped a female from above.

Sometimes mating takes place entirely underwater.

Sometimes it takes place mainly out of water. 

And sometimes, it is a bit of each. 

Strings of eggs can be seen extending from the mating couple. 

It seems that there is often conflict. Here is an idyllic scene, but… 

when an interloper tries to take the male’s place, it is kicked away. 

There are two mating couples here.

“This has been a good orgy. Let’s do it again some time.” 


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4 Responses to Party toads

  1. David Hersh says:

    This is the only accurate denotation of the word “promiscuous.” All other connotations are value-laden.

    • Alistair says:

      David, it was because I realized the moral burden borne by the word, that I confirmed my understanding with a dictionary before using it.

  2. Jean Simpson says:

    Incredible photos and a biology lesson included!

  3. Ed says:

    Froggy Style 🙂

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