Merganser mommy


Postings this May have been dramatic: spatting redwing blackbirdsloons fighting, mallard being raped, grizzlies foraging, many mating toads. Maybe it is time for a lovely, but non-dramatic, sighting: a family of Common Mergansers.

Two merganser chicks ride on mommy’s back while five more draft her.


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3 Responses to Merganser mommy

  1. Margaret Young says:

    You are right, we need a change from all that sex and violence.
    Love this family shot and the beautiful shades of blue in your clear waters up there.
    Many thanks for all your effort to share so much beauty with us all.

  2. wendy says:

    Seven chicks! No wonder her hairdo always looks blown away!
    Thanks Alistair

  3. Dorey Robin J says:

    Great comments!

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