Amplexus consequences


One month after taking pictures of Western Toads in amplexus, I returned to the same shoreline. The consequence of the earlier activity was impressive: thousands of tadpoles.


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2 Responses to Amplexus consequences

  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    You focused on the smallest critters we saw yesterday, Alistair, and I love this image, very painting like!

    I would really like to see what you can show and tell about the cicadas I finally with another’s help was able to identify from the clicking sounds I have heard for many years. Then I actually watched one on a limb whose wing rubbing may have been creating the sound, as it moved backward. I have the NWF Field Guide to Insects and spiders of North America, and find not a single one of the species whose range includes our area.

    Thanks, Alistair, I will be interested in what you can tell me!

    • Alistair says:

      Karen, my interaction with cicadas is slight — how could it be otherwise given their rather rare appearance above ground. However, I did do a posting on one six years ago. A necessity in getting an ID is either collecting the bug or taking a good picture.

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