Yard birds


When I think of yard birds, I think of robins, Steller’s Jays, and Song Sparrows. I don’t think of Mallard chicks and teals.

But, there they were wandering about my front yard.

Mallard chicks explore the grass at the behest of mommy.

What the Blue-winged Teal was doing there was unclear.


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3 Responses to Yard birds

  1. birthe says:

    My parents’ house in Denmark had grass on the roof and every spring a mallard would come from the lake and nest on the roof. When the ducklings had hatched she threw them off the roof and they wandered through the yard then across the road to the lake. My mother stopped the traffic until they were safely across the road. It was such a joy to see them.

  2. Little Brown Job says:

    When I think of yardbirds, I think of the revolutionary British band that brought us so many sick songs. “Shapes of things before my eyes / Just teach me to despise / Will time make men more wise?”

  3. Irene McIlwaine says:

    My the Blue winged Teal is a handsome bird ! Thanks again .

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