Spring Azure


How delightful: May began with an azure speck darting under azure skies. The speck was the Spring Azure, a tiny (2 cm wingspan) butterfly whose local flight period corresponds closely with this month. 

The thing about the the Spring Azure is that when it perches, it folds it wings to reveal the camouflage grey on the wing’s underside. It is only when flying that it shows the bluish upper wings — or that has alway been the case for me. Until this morning, that is, when one alighted and spread its wings. Lovely.

A Spring Azure shows the colour of its upper wings even though it has landed.


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2 Responses to Spring Azure

  1. birthe says:

    Beautiful, I had not seen this particular butterfly until I moved from Vancouver to 9 mile. It was such a delight.

  2. Sheila Dixon says:

    Wow so very beautiful. Thank you!

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