Tiger Swallowtail


This is the time of year for visits from swallowtail butterflies — so I watch for them. We have a number of different swallowtail species, and I thought that, on subsequent days, I had spotted two different ones. However, when I examined my pictures, they all seemed to be the same species: a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail. I certainly am open to contrary suggestions as to the ID. 


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3 Responses to Tiger Swallowtail

  1. Carolus Linnaeus says:

    In the battle between the botanist and the lepidopterist, the lilac makes a strong case, at least as a foil.

  2. Alistair says:

    My original suspicion was that the third picture showed a pale swallowtail. A knowledgeable reader now suggested that that is indeed the case.

  3. Christine Boyd says:

    Very beautiful! I think that’s what we saw yesterday at the Kootenay Canal.

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