Flickers fledged


There are only a few days during which one can watch flicker chicks being fed at the entrance to their cavity nests.

When they hatch, chicks are small and rest inside the cavity, so each parent has to go inside to feed them. Chicks become big enough to peek out just before fledging.

This cavity nest contained four chicks. These pictures were taken during the short interval when they were visible. They have now gone on their way.

“Hello, daddy.”

Father has arrived with a crop full of ant’s eggs and is feeding one of his four chicks.

Both parents feed the chicks. Here mommy has arrived to attend to them.

She flies off to fetch more food. A parent’s work day is long.

At the cavity’s entrance, three of the chicks pose for a farewell picture before flying off.


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2 Responses to Flickers fledged

  1. Helen says:

    Wonderful photos, Alistair!! We see the flickers around often–it’s nice to know something of their lives in more detail!!

  2. Christine Boyd says:

    Fabulous photos Alistair. Thank you for these and the info.

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