Otters reappear


I was delighted to see a half-dozen featureless grey ghosts visit a dilapidated dock in the faint light well before dawn. They constituted a family of otters. 

In recent times, I had been wondering about local otters for I had not seen any for 28 months. Had our local otter numbers actually diminished? Had I merely been inattentive? Could it have been both? 

Who knows? Yet, otters have now reappeared.

A family of six otters paused briefly on a dock in the dusky light well before dawn.


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2 Responses to Otters reappear

  1. Jean Simpson says:

    These look like very large otters. Or is it just an illusion in the “dusky light of dawn?”

  2. Stephen says:

    I was standing on my dock on the North Shore near Balfour and three otters swam straight towards me, porpoising as they went. I stood stock still and they swam directly underneath me, came up the other side of the dock and surfaced for a few seconds to scrutinize me before continuing on their way. Delightful! They seem to be one of the most playful of creatures.

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