Trumpeter Swans


Swans do not make their home here. They live to our south in the winter, and to our north in the summer, but they pass through this region twice a year in transit. Indeed, as they come through in dribs and drabs, a few might appear at the Lake at almost any time during the cold months. 

Today there were a dozen trumpeters in the shallows off Kokanee Park. Here are two.


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8 Responses to Trumpeter Swans

  1. Helen says:

    This is the most beautiful photo of swans that I have ever seen. Just gorgeous, Allistair!

  2. Bee says:

    Beautiful. Looks like a scene from ‘Swan Lake’.

  3. Very beautiful photograph. So dynamic. I wrote a poem about going to see the Trumpeter Swans at Lemon Crerk. I’d love to share it with you if you are interested. In fact I am publishing a whole. chapbook about birds which should come out this spring.

  4. Karen Pidcock says:

    Thanks, Alistair. Many years I’ve intended to make a journey west down the Slocan to enjoy them, but at least have enjoyed the peek you’ve given here!

  5. Allan Hobden says:

    …a pair of alabaster swans…rare indeed…the colour…the fine detail..beautiful indeed..


  6. Jamie Bastedo says:

    Thank you Alistair. Four Trumpeters spotted feeding on the Kootenay River today (25/1/23) near Thrums.

  7. Sharman Horwood says:

    I love this photo!

    I am an artist in Riondel. Would it be possible to use this photo for a reference?

  8. Trevor Goward says:

    Thanks Alistair. A magnificent image indeed, suitable for framing as they say, and perhaps a lifetime of contemplation.

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