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When I post something to this blog, I like to have a theme — a story to tell. Alas, in the nascent days of September, I could find none. There were many images, but no theme. So, this is just a grab bag of things seen.

A white-faced meadowhawk rests on a leaf between flights.

An Eastern Kingbird expresses its opinion.

A bluet damselfly shepherds its partner to an egg-laying place.

A Turkey Vulture flies low overhead.

A darner dragonfly hunts for insect prey. 

A Warbling Vireo also hunts for insects.

A Grey Catbird rests in a tree.

A sub-adult Bald Eagle passes low overhead. 


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  1. Trevor Goward says:

    “A day in the life” seems to me a quite compelling theme – especially when registered through your keen eye coupled with camera-readiness.

    Thanks Alistair!

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