Turkeys in trees


The first time I saw a Wild Turkey in a tree was only a month ago. While they do roost in trees overnight, and some subscribers commented that they see them there regularly, I had only seen these birds when they were foraging on the ground.

However, this last weekend I happened upon many turkeys flying in and out of trees.

Three are seen here. 

One turkey was off on its own.

It had spectacularly spread its wings and tail while flying in.


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3 Responses to Turkeys in trees

  1. Albrecht Dürer says:

    Signs of the Apocalypse.

  2. Jean Simpson says:

    Such ugly heads! Such beautiful plumage

  3. Peter says:

    Over a few weeks I’ve had up to eighteen in the yard. They have cleaned all the crab apples and cherries out of our ornamental trees. At times up to six or eight in a tree at a time.

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