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Mach bands

  Local wildfire smoke from this grim season had all but vanished when more flowed in from the south. As uncomfortable as it is, the smoke provides the hazy air that easily enables the identification of Mach bands. Mach bands … Continue reading

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Limb darkening

  My enthusiasm for the natural world wanes when it comes to things such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, and mosquitoes. Nevertheless, while our present smoke-filled valleys are distinctly unpleasant, they offer some interesting features. Consider a view of the … Continue reading

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Wildlife presentation

  When an organization invites me to give a presentation, I normally don’t bother with promotion. I make an exception for Science in the Park at Kokanee Creek — thus, this posting. This will be the fourth year I have … Continue reading

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View from high up

  Here are two views from high on a North Shore Forest Service Road. The Harrop wildfire as seen on Sunday morning, July 30, 2017. This view of the dolphin at Kokanee Creek Park easily shows why this channel marker … Continue reading

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Creek mouth will move

  It has happened before, and it will happen again: The mouth of Kokanee Creek will (abruptly) shift to the east. The portion of the delta immediately to the west of the creek mouth is strewn with gullies and ponds. … Continue reading

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Thicket trail

  This is an experiment: I want to be able to display a navigable full-sphere image. For the meaning of full sphere, imagine that you are at the centre of a sphere, but can look in any direction whatsoever. You … Continue reading

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Snowflake’s view

  It is snowing. Here is one snowflake’s view as it drifts down to join its colleagues in a forest.

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Circumzenithal Arc

  It wasn’t the best I had seen, but this display of haloes in the direction of Nelson was better than any I had seen for a few years. I was alerted to it by the sight of a circumzenithal … Continue reading

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No lollypop

  I tried, but I didn’t win the lollypop — but I did manage something almost as good. I rarely fly anymore, but when I do, I ask for a window seat away from the wing. There are things that … Continue reading

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Sunny crossing

  Yesterday, I had occasion to cross Kootenay Lake on the M.V. Balfour on one of the few sunny days in the last few weeks. It offered the opportunity to take a couple of panoramas. The first view is a … Continue reading

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