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Robin vs toad

  The froggy wooing, reported in early May, seems to have had consequences. The toadlets were plentiful but tiny. When seen from afar, they could have been beetles. A tiny patch of lakeshore was crawling with them, for having grown legs, … Continue reading

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Useful resources

  As I attempt to use images from my camera to help me make sense of my surroundings, I have relied upon many books (ranging over topics such as birds, meteorological optics and dragonflies) and upon many websites (examples being Wikipedia and All about … Continue reading

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June goulash

  June ends with a stew made from images that did not manage to get their own postings. While walking in Kokanee Creek Park early in the month, I saw a Common Yellowthroat, and an American Redstart. Our local Garter … Continue reading

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May goulash

  This is a stew made of photographic ingredients that didn’t merit individual postings. This disheveled-looking bird is probably a House Finch. A male White-tailed Deer was browsing along the lakeshore. And then there was a (garter) snake in the grass. … Continue reading

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Bountiful watching

  Nature watching has been bountiful in the last few days. In addition to the just posted toads in amplexus and the dipper chicks, some things seen were: A Cliff Swallow peeking out of its nest; A marmot contemplating (“You disparaged … Continue reading

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  A froggy would a-wooing go.  Amplexus (embrace) refers to the mating position of frogs and toads, in which the male clasps the female about the back with his front legs. Sperm and eggs are released together and fertilization occurs … Continue reading

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September goulash

  In this posting, a diverse collection of this month’s leftovers are used in a goulash. The only home of painted turtles near Nelson has long been the pond at Grohman Narrows Park (see loafing time). Yet, in late September, this turtle was seen in a pond … Continue reading

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  Ok, I admit it: biology does not recognize the term, toadpole, and instead speaks of a toad’s tadpole. However, not only is toadpole a delightful portmanteau, it is the original form, the tad merely being a corruption of toad.  These tadpoles were … Continue reading

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Lizard’s tail

  When I was a small child, I chased a lizard across a scree slope. I caught it by the tail, which promptly disconnected and was left wiggling in my hand. The lizard made its escape; it had autotomized. Autotomy … Continue reading

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Loafing time

  Painted Turtles love to spend a warm summer’s day loafing on a log. And why not?

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