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Wild Turkey presence

  When I was a child on the shore of Kootenay Lake, there were no Wild Turkeys to be seen. Returning to the lakeshore in retirement, I was surprised to see a few. Since that time, the proliferation of turkeys … Continue reading

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Lucy has a new gosling

  Lucy was hatched at least a decade ago. She is the only local Canada Goose that is a recognizable individual.  Normally, when we wish to identify an individual animal, we have to mark it with something ranging from a … Continue reading

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Two courtship displays

  I watched two courtship displays of birds this morning. One was obvious; the other was subtle. A courtship display is a behaviour in which an animal (often a male) attempts to attract a mate. The courtship display of the … Continue reading

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March goulash

  This is a collection of images from March, each of which lacked a posting of its own. Such observations of nature serve as a balm to my own increasing social isolation. These are creatures oblivious to our present angst. … Continue reading

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Stuck cat

  This blog does not usually concern itself with domestic animals, but this seemed special: a stuck cat. It was beside the highway and high on some utility cables about a third of the way between the poles. Presumably it … Continue reading

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Palindrome day

  The primary reason for today’s posting is its unusual date: it forms a palindrome. A palindrome is an expression that reads the same forward or backward, and in the manner in which I date my pictures (year month day) … Continue reading

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Curiosity of young raptors

  Of late, I have become curious about the curiosity sometimes displayed by young raptors. When I wander past a perched raptor, it usually bolts to a more distant spot. Now and then the raptor will first regard me from … Continue reading

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Flaws in supporting pictures

  This blog bases its postings on recently taken pictures from local nature. Now and then an identification is mistaken and this results in a flawed text. Nevertheless, the picture is correct.  News sites have the opposite problem. A textual … Continue reading

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Kokanee Wild

  Once a year, I mention a presentation that I will be giving — this is the one for 2019. Topic: Kokanee Wild Presenter: Alistair Fraser Occasion: Science in the Park When: 7-8 pm, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019 Where: Nature … Continue reading

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Seeing nature remotely

  Sometimes one cannot get out into nature oneself and the only way to appreciate it is remotely through a book, TV, or possibly even a blog. There was an occasion fifty years ago today when I found an aspect … Continue reading

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