April goulash


This is a collection of April’s images that were not featured in a posting of their own. As spring rolls in, many new species appear, or change their behaviours.

Early in the month, Trumpeter Swans were seen floating and sleeping on the Lake. The next day, they were gone.

The Columbian ground squirrel re-emerged mid-month.

With spring, the Northern Flicker seems to have a compulsion to carve cavities, whether a new one is needed or not.

Ospreys have returned.

Loons are back on the Lake. Within weeks they will head to the smaller mountain lakes to breed.

A female Brewer’s Blackbird turned up and vanished again.

Sensitivity demands that I not explain what is going on here.

The glacier lily apparently gains its name because it favours the moist ground next to snow melt. This one was in the moist soil near a cataract.


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  1. Christine Boyd says:

    Lovely shots Alistair! I appreciate seeing the flicker’s carving. The lily is beautiful and I imagine fragrant.

  2. Margo Saunders says:

    Sensitivity demands that you not click and tell

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