October goulash


This is a collection of images from this October, none of which has had a posting of its own. The month started slowly with many walks producing few good observations, but things improved towards month’s end.

A dozen different species of gull have been seen occasionally, but only three are really common: Herring Gull, Ring-billed Gull, and California Gull. This is the California.

I rarely see a House Sparrow (male on left, female on right), despite it being widespread and common across the continent. However, the bird is an urban junkie, and I am rural.

A Double-crested Cormorant had been seen a few times early in the month, but always swimming in distant waters. This one was nearby as it took its leave from a piling.

The Black-billed Magpie is a striking bird, but somewhat uncommon in this heavily forested region. So, getting a close shot of one flying past packing prey (a grasshopper) was a delight.

This iridescent wave cloud was seen the same day as the Bufflehead Duck’s iridescent feathers.

A female elk resting in a forest was seen about an hour prior to the elk exhaling steam fog.


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4 Responses to October goulash

  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    As usual…each and all very much enjoyed, thanks! And…indeed, aren’t we glad we’re not urban junkies with House Sparrows & all?!!

    Wish you could have caught in photographs the amazingly large flocks of Snow Buntings which were seen in Kaslo by many of us this week!

  2. Della C. Fenkner says:

    How interesting that the sparrows choose a V in the branches
    to use as a roost.

    • Alistair says:

      Della, so I looked through a great many pictures of House Sparrows online. It seems that the perch in my pictures is merely a response to the brush they are visiting.

  3. Irene McIlwaine says:

    I did enjoy this tasty goulash. Thanks so much again. Irene

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