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Feasting on fish

  Fish are a staple food for much of the wildlife around the Lake — we are, after all, dealing with a lake — so, I show wildlife feasting on fish. This posting was prompted by recent pictures, but these … Continue reading

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Osprey harassed

  This has been a really good year for wasps — not so good for the rest of us. Ospreys feed on fish, and wasps really like that. An osprey has taken a fresh fish to the top of a … Continue reading

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Ecotone walk

  I could have merely spoken of a walk along the beach, but, I wanted to emphasize something subtly different than such a stroll. An ecotone is a place where ecologies are in tension (in Greek, the word is tonos). It describes … Continue reading

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Iconic osprey shot

  The West Arm of Kootenay Lake has an unusually large warm-season population of ospreys. As such, they have become a symbol of the Lake, with both a ferry and a community foundation named after them. Ospreys feast on fish caught … Continue reading

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July goulash

  This is a collection of a dozen images from July, none of which has had a posting of its own. Where have all the male Mallards gone? They are here, but are in their eclipse plumage, which makes them … Continue reading

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Persistent eagle

  It was the third time lucky both for the eagle and for me. Bald Eagles and Ospreys each have a taste for fish. Of the two, the osprey is the better fisher. The osprey can dive into the Lake and … Continue reading

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Headless fish flying

  Unexpectedly, many of the fish flying around our skies are headless. That fish fly is courtesy of the good graces of ospreys. Yet, it is striking that many of these flying fish lack a head. After catching a fish, … Continue reading

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Dipper amidst ice

  This will be a two-part posting about Dot, the dipper. It is not unusual for a dipper to be featured on this blog. Although, not a common bird, I happen to live near dipper central and manage to watch … Continue reading

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On the rocks

  On the surface of it, on the rocks, has to be a dumb theme for a posting. On the rocks: The phrase has its origin in coastal ship wrecks. From there it took on the metaphorical meaning of a state … Continue reading

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Hoodie eats

  The Hooded Merganser has been featured of late. First came a posting about hoodie courting, then the bird played a bit part in birds eat. The latter posting showed that, lacking teeth and any way to tear apart prey, … Continue reading

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